MEET the Group

Anita Borgaes
Principal Broker | Realtor

In order to get to where you want to go – you first have to start with your end in mind. I serve my clients with an intention driven real estate practice by starting with their goals first. The process of buying or selling real estate is a major event. 

My diverse background includes the Air Force Reserves, a degree in Psychology, helping people at Crisis Hot Lines, corporate business, and now Principal Broker/Owner of Wine Country Properties Group|EXP. These experiences have given me a strong work ethic, an understanding of people, and superior communication skills with attention to detail. 

My original start with real estate was buying, selling, rehabbing and managing rentals. Living in Oregon Wine Country then transformed into owning and managing vacation rentals and extended stay living. But as a Realtor, what gives me energy at the end of the day is to help, guide and empower people. Whether it is helping a family find their right home, helping a home seller get the highest profit for their home, or working with a real estate investor to buy or sell a rental – that is where my “Why” comes from.

I’m also a proud member of the National Association of Realtors where we have required ethics training, have pledged to adhere to a strict standard of ethics, and to uphold diversity and inclusion within our greater community.

Ben Nelson
Broker | Realtor

I have been a part of the wonderful Yamhill county and surrounding areas for the past 15+ years. It’s where I’ve raised my family and built my business, and where I continue to have a passion for seeing positive changes and experiences for the area and for those who also call it home. As a Realtor I am education first, and always looking at a clients situation from a perspective of multiple solutions to make sure they know and understand all their options, as well as the process they can expect. I love working with people and helping them get from where they are to where they’re trying to get to. Whether a buyer, seller or investor, everyone has unique circumstances and goals they’re trying to achieve; so shouldn’t everyone be treated as such? I think so.

My past experience and path is a little different than most, starting in the in-park manufactured home sales world while also pursuing my own real estate investments. Within that I’ve done many remodels, owned rental property and built buildings from the ground up, among other things. I’ve added in residential real estate sales over the past years, and feel this range of experience gives me a well-rounded view of the housing market as well as a large amount of knowledge and perspective to bring to the table when working with buyers, sellers and investors.

I am a huge proponent of owning real estate – first and foremost your own home, but also moving on at some point to owning additional investment real estate for yourself. I absolutely love the game of real estate, and have seen the life changing impact it has made on many. I’m passionate about helping others achieve those same results, reaching whatever goals are personal to them, and helping them learn what it takes to make that happen.

Larry Stevens
Director | Owner

Larry is the backbone of Wine Country Properties in all facets. He has brought to the table years of experience ranging from industrial construction to business finance and management. He has built the infrastructure that supports the Brokerage Team, Vacation and Extended Stay Rentals.

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